All white 'errthing

All white 'errthing

As fashion store buyers, we undoubtedly search (more like stalk) blogs, street style sites and celebrity Instagram accounts to learn about the latest trends. We've found that wearing all white was an "it thing" this winter and the trend is transitioning into Spring. Our favorite and easiest way to get an all white look is to wear a jumpsuit. Some of us are afraid to use them thinking that it won't flatter our bodies. However, we've found that jumpsuits make us look taller and slimmer. We've selected our favorite looks from several sources to give you some inspiration on how you can wear our new Anne Embellished Jumpsuit.




Last but not least, read Le Fashion Image's blog post on how to wear a white jumpsuit here:

Get a similar look with our Anne Embellised White Jumpsuit here:

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